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Yale Elevates Comfort, Productivity with New Narrow Aisle Reach Truck

Yale Materials Handling Corporation announces the launch of its new narrow aisle reach truck, designed to help warehouses efficiently manage the growing SKU counts typical of e-commerce in high-density storage configurations. Available in 3,000 to 4,500-pound load capacities with single or double reach capabilities, the Yale® NR/NDR-DC/EC reach trucks can lift heavier loads to greater heights and storage depths to help maximize capacity of existing facilities.

“With facility expansion costly and supply chain margins tight, dense storage configurations are critical to providing the necessary capacity to handle inventory growth,” says Brad Long, Brand Manager, Yale Materials Handling Corporation. “But so too is equipping personnel for success, as operator productivity can drop by as much as 30 percent over the course of a shift. The new reach truck was engineered for success in these environments, with productivity enhancing features in a truly operator-centric design.”

The NR/NDR series offers a generous lineup of industry-exclusive features to prioritize operator comfort. The Operator Sensing System uses optical-based sensors, not pedals, to detect operator presence and offer freedom to comfortably adjust stance. The optional smart ride suspended floor system alleviates up to 60 percent of shocks and vibrations for a more comfortable ride that staves off fatigue. The forward stance model with aft travel control handle provides automotive steering in both forward and reverse directions for more natural steering familiarity, which can help shorten training time and may reduce facility and product damage.

Best-in-class forward visibility and advanced features help operators work with precision and confidence at height. The standard wide mast opening provides up to 33% greater visibility than leading competitors, while optional features like the laser fork level and the wireless camera with built-in LED lights provide optimum lighting, guidance and viewing perspective to eliminate guesswork when positioning forks at high-level storage locations.

Industry leading lift and lower speeds help shave seconds off each cycle so that operators can move more pallets in less time. The return to center sideshift automatically stops the carriage at center position for consistent performance, while the return to set tilt feature sets forks at a predetermined angle for consistent load positioning. Altogether, productivity gains with the NR/NDR series can add up to as much as 7% per truck, per shift compared to leading competitors.

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