Yale earns recognition for lift truck technologies

Yale Materials Handling Corporation has been named a Top Software and Technology Provider by Food Logistics. Yale won recognition for innovations in robotics, telemetry, and motive power, along with an industry-first suite of operator assistance technologies designed to increase operator awareness and reinforce best practices.

“With food distribution operations facing labor challenges and the pressure to do more, technology-enabled solutions offer a chance to boost efficiency and get more out of what they have,” says Brad Long, Brand Manager, Yale Materials Handling Corporation. “From transformative operator assistance technology to advancing the capabilities of robotics and telemetry, we’re working to be the resource warehouses deserve as their operations become increasingly technology-driven.”

Yale-Reliant imageYale Reliant™ is an operator assistance solution that adjusts lift truck performance in real-time based on equipment status, location, and operating conditions while keeping the operator in ultimate control. Some of these capabilities include hydraulic arrest to prevent lifting and carrying loads that exceed weight limits, automatic speed reduction when cornering for stability, and preventing equipment from entering designated pedestrian-only zones. The system will also trigger an alert to help support operator awareness and provide additional reaction time if an object or pedestrian is in the path of travel or if there are location-based speed limits or other conditions.

The award also recognizes Yale for robotic lift truck innovations, such as the Edison Award-winning robotic reach truck. Yale’s robotic lift truck lineup can automate horizontal workflows or vertical storage tasks, charge autonomously and switch from automated to manual operation at the push of a button. These solutions allow warehouse managers to delegate repetitive, turnover-prone tasks to automation and concentrate staff on higher-value processes, helping maximize labor productivity and employee engagement.

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