Who Knew Product Settling Was This Simple?

We did.

Multi-Conveyor recently built a series of six (6) settling (or vibrating) conveyors to facilitate product settling of filled, open-flap corrugated cases. Single lane product will end transfer on and off again in various sections of the customer’s existing line.

We asked Tim Bori, Project Manager at Multi-Conveyor, for more details … We built a series of basic settling conveyors to vibrate small, sealed cups of a granulated dry beverage for optimum case packing.”

Each independent section is comprised of nearly 8 ft. x 12 inch straight running plastic modular belting. The product settling process is actually achieved below the belting.

Tim continues, “The settling process is achieved by using a series of square shafts that are strategically placed in an offset position underneath the flat top belting, which causes the motion required for the settling process.”

The mild-steel, bolted construction, open frame design utilized both fixed and adjustable stainless steel flat bar guide rail brackets for double high extruded aluminum (w/UHMW cover) guide rails.

Stationary H-style tubular support weldment with adjustable articulating feet and single bolt mounting tab for floor anchors stabilize each conveyor section during the product settling process.

Tim concludes, “Settling conveyors are commonly requested to achieve a consistently level case for sealing purposes.”

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