What is a “Cloud Based Battery Service?”

BattRecon LLC, has developed a new Cloud Based Battery Servicing System using their Model 6080 machine featuring the -Fleet-Tune- brand of Artificial Intelligence.  This State-of-the-Art process has many advantages when compared to a -Conventional Battery Service,- such as portability, low cost, a rapid cycle completion speed, minimal technician labor and expertise, advanced diagnostics and prognostication features, with greatly improved battery runtime results.

The Fleet-Tune enabled device applies a BattRecon Branded battery desulfation process, followed by a normal charge using the client’s preferred charger, and then applies a BattRecon Branded discharge test to the battery, – using one machine and a single point battery connection! Connect the battery to the Fleet-Tune capable device and select from one of over 900 preprogrammed -Auto-Sequences- that match your battery’s profile, then simply start the process and you’re done!

The -Cloud Based Operating System- is internet capable allowing two-way communication between the battery and the operator, which allows the operator located anywhere in the world to view the battery metrics and data in real time, then create machine instructions and commands to remotely control the battery servicing process.  Whether sitting in traffic or playing golf on Sunday afternoon, using your cell phone you can check the battery status, change the process, or if your battery service is finished simply ask someone to switch the battery so you may begin another money-making Fleet-Tune Battery Service!

The BattRecon Cloud is the world’s only battery performance servicing database that collects, stores and compares battery service results in real time, within approximately 900 battery categories offered within the system.  When the operator selects the battery model during the Auto-Sequence process, the battery performance parameters are loaded into the computer and the resultant process is applied and recorded according to those standards.

During the service process the subject battery’s results are compared in real time to the database of -like-kind- stored historical results. This comparison allows the Fleet-Tune A.I. to modify the applied process(s) either shortening, lengthening or otherwise modifying, the process elements to ensure the maximum restoration results.  The Fleet-Tune Artificial Intelligence module was developed to reduce or eliminate technician training and experience requirements, and to eliminate battery transportation costs while significantly increasing the battery performance!

Do you ever wonder how good your battery is?

The Fleet-Tune -Artificial Intelligence- process quickly tests and fixes most batteries in about 5 minutes!  Fleet-Tune applies an initial BattRecon pulse signal into the battery, varies that pulse applying a -stress test- to the battery, then measures and compares the battery’s performance to the historical database standard developed from years of experience and thousands of battery restorations.  The result is a Battery Health Indicator Value (BHI), which is displayed on the Cloud Dashboard and within the data set at the end of the process. This -BHI- tells you the relative performance health of the battery when compared to like-kind batteries that have been previously serviced and restored using the BattRecon Cloud.

How much life remains in my battery?

Fleet-Tune A.I. has an advanced process that has been shown to be a predictor of Battery Life Remaining (BLR).  When the BLR value is used a predictor of the actual life remaining of the battery, it is subject to how the battery is used in the future.  The predicted value will be more exact if the battery is operated within a normal battery operating environment, less exact if the battery operation is extreme.

How long does the cloud-based service process take?

The Cloud based service is versatile, one option is to perform a full before and after charge-discharge testing process, which takes about 2 days depending on the battery condition and the chosen battery parameters. An alternative is to simply test and disulfate the battery using the -BattRecon Mode,- or choose the -Optimization Mode- which applies a 5-minute BattRecon desulfation and diagnostic process, followed by a normal battery recharge. All options provide a Battery Health Indication Value for determining the performance condition of the battery.

How do we make money using the BattRecon Cloud?

Cloud enabled devices significantly reduce technician labor and training, the most expensive part of battery service.  Connect Fleet-Tune to a subject battery, select and click the appropriate -Auto-Sequence- tab on the cloud dashboard and move to the next battery, or go back to working on a lift truck.  The BattRecon Cloud’s ability to compare your local subject battery to a world-wide database base of like-kind batteries, then modify that process, during the process to maximize the battery runtime, is un-matched by conventional servicing techniques!

The cloud devices are lightweight and portable, allowing you to take the -battery shop to the warehouse,- rather than transporting batteries.  Consider placing the machine at the client’s location and have them connect and disconnect the batteries, use their electricity and labor, eliminate the transportation costs, and increase the client’s battery runtime on average about 25% compared to their existing conventional service results! As a -cafeteria plan,- you could leave a machine at the large volume warehouse operator allowing them to connect batteries at their discretion, while your in-house battery professional remotely supervises the service process!

Cloud based battery services have a lower marginal cost per battery cycle while providing greater battery performance and convenience for the client!  You may price your cloud-based services at conventional service pricing levels, while enjoying a higher Return on Investment than the competition!

What does the process cost and how do we do business?

The use of the BattRecon Cloud and cloud-based devices are generally based on a low cost per cycle usage basis and a monthly minimum use factor.  The BattRecon Cloud Based Service costs only a fraction of a conventional service, while increasing the battery end-user’s ROI.

The BATTRECON System may be evaluated by contacting an Authorized BATTRECON Dealer near you, or call BattRecon at 951-928-0595.  Visit www.battrecon.com or www.fleet-tune.com for more information.  Both BattRecon and Fleet-Tune operate under US Patents, 8,330,428 B2; 9,166,435 B2; and 10,008,873 B2, with additional US and International Patents Pending.

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