Webcast: Benefit from the latest Power and Battery Technology for material handling equipment

The unprecedented use of e-commerce has contributed to a huge growth in the need for efficiency in distribution and warehousing. New Lithium battery technology is an integral part of effective scaling and efficient use of new and existing material handling equipment.

In this webcast, presented by Green Cubes Technology, you will learn from real-world examples how our Lithium-ion battery technology can be easily integrated into material handling equipment so that your facility can benefit from opportunity charging, fast charging, and long run-time. Enabled with new features, such as Internet of Things (IOT) technology and wireless charging, Lithium-ion systems can increase the efficiency of your equipment, personnel, and asset utilization while decreasing maintenance and utility costs and meeting targets for green initiatives.

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Green Cubes Schneider and Jeffrey VanZwol

About Green Cubes Technology:

Green Cubes Technology develops and manufactures a complete portfolio of lithium power systems that enable our OEM and enterprise customers to transition from Lead Acid and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) power to Lithium-ion battery power. We utilize proven hardware and software platforms to build the most reliable lithium battery systems in our industries. With over 30 years of successful designs by expert engineers, we ensure each system will exceed your safety and performance goals. With over 300 employees across six countries, Green Cubes has been producing reliable, high-performance, and high-quality products for over 30 years.

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