Vestil – Economy Electric Pallet Truck

Best-value electric pallet truck with reduced cost is a perfect alternate to manual hand pallet jack. Compact body design with light service weight (weight is half compared  to traditional EPT) and small turning radius (only 1¼” longer than standard EPT and 6-10″ shorter than traditional EPT) allows this truck suitable to use in tight areas, low duty applications, supermarkets, grocery stores, logistic centers, and warehouses. Multi- function ergonomic handle  with Emergency reverse, battery indicator, raise-lower buttons, horn and forward-reverse butterfly switch. Long Tiller handle reduces fatigue. Handle returns to  vertical position automatically when released. All parts are easily accessible and easy to maintain. Operate the unit when handle is in up position (UP-RIGHT driving). This feature is excellent for confined spaces such as elevators, trailers and containers.

Electric Pallet Truck is equipped with maintenance free 24V/20Ah lithium Ion battery (no memory effect) with recharging cycles over 2000 times and working life over 3 years. Continuous working time with single charge is 2-2.5 hrs. and charging  time is 5 hours. Battery is easily interchangeable and it takes 6 seconds to replace the battery (no tools required to replace the battery). A spare battery is highly recommended for continuous applications.

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