UNEX Mfg. showcases MH equipment to keep beer flowing

UNEX to highlight new ergonomic Keg Flow design which saves space, stores more kegs per pallet, allowing distributors to offer a greater number of beer variations

 UNEX Manufacturing, Inc., which provides innovative order picking and space-saving solutions, will be showcasing their new Keg Flow Solution at the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) Conference for America’s Beer Distributors in Booth 1015. The 82nd Annual Convention & Trade Show was held September 22-25, 2019 in Las Vegas.

“Beer kegs are typically hard to handle in the distribution center because of their awkward shape and often distributors will store kegs on the floor, which means order pickers have to bend and lift the heavy keg,” said Chuck Doty, Product Manager, UNEX Manufacturing. “UNEX invented Keg Flow to better handle kegs in the warehouse to save space and reduce bending.”

Keg Flow offers an alternative to palletized keg storage by storing 1/6 kegs in a manner similar to storing cases on flow rack. UNEX uses steel rollers that are strong enough to support kegs without bending. A custom hanger slows the keg down on the track and a high roller stop at the end keeps the keg from toppling over. Keg Flow now incorporates 6-inch high guards for the 24-inch tall by 9-inch (sixth barrel) and 11-inch (slim quarter) diameter kegs to give the kegs more stability on the racks. The tracks have been made more versatile – 11.75-inch wide tracks allow storage of 8 kegs of 9-inch or 11-inch diameter on a 96-inch wide beam.

When the first keg is pulled for distribution, the next one slides in right behind it. Each lane is labeled reducing mis-picks for order pickers. Most importantly, where two or four kegs were stored on pallets, now users get 8 or 16 kegs in the same space allowing distributors to offer a greater number of beer variations in a small space. Using Keg Flow, distributors have been able to increase their warehouse capacity while improving efficiency and productivity.

The NBWA Conference features Keynote Speakers and Educational Seminars on topics like Business Growth, eCommerce, Talent Management, and Analytics. Hundreds of exhibitors will showcase solutions for everything from fleet management to safety. Visit UNEX in Booth 1015 to learn more about Keg Flow and other UNEX space-saving solutions for distributors.


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