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UL-Listed Omnidirectional LED Post Top Lamps provide up to 85% energy savings over Halogen & HID

LEDtronics® Inc. has announced its newest series of UL-listed LED Post Top Lamps that put out an impressive amount of uniform, omnidirectional and brighter light for their compact size, with much more energy efficiency and longer life compared to the old technology and larger post-top bulbs.

Because they are thermally managed, these LED bulbs are UL approved for enclosed applications (-40°F to 113°F) and are perfect for easy, direct drop-in installation into existing E26 Edison medium and E39 mogul screw-based lighting fixtures. This series of omnidirectional post-top lamps are ideal for use in varied applications such as street lighting, outdoor parking area lighting, driveway and walkway lighting, security lighting, parks and playgrounds, railroad station platforms, garden and bay lighting, pendant and globe lighting, among many others.

This LED19B series of LED post-top lamps come in a white polycarbonate body, offering long-lasting durability. They range in power outputs from 10 to 18 (E26 units) and 27 to 120 watts (E39 units), directly replacing old-technology incandescent, halogen, and metal halide acorn lamps that would correspondingly consume 18 up to 250 watts. Reducing additional energy consumption by bypassing the ballast allows the bulbs to operate in a wide voltage input range of 120 to 277 VAC. They come with a wide operating temperature range of -40°F to ~+113°F (-40°C to ~+45°C).

The acorn bulbs direct an even, 360° omnidirectional beam of 5000K pure-white illumination, offering lumens ranging from 1,740 (10 watts) to 18,612 (120 watts). That translates into luminance efficacy of 130 to 166 lumens per watt. They also boast outstanding color fidelity, with a CRI greater than 80 that enhances color nuances.

In addition, these lamps maintain 70 percent or greater lumen maintenance at more than 50,000 hours—a lifespan far, far longer than the equivalent halogen or HID bulb!

Because LEDs have no filament, their solid-state design renders them impervious to shock, vibration, frequent switching, and environmental extremes. These ROHS-compliant, UL-listed LED bulbs contain no harmful mercury or other toxic elements. Unlike traditional halogen, metal halide, or high-pressure sodium bulbs, LEDs do not emit large amounts of heat and little to no ultraviolet or infrared light.

Since LED lights are much more energy efficient than old-technology lamps, these bulbs are perfect for operating with an alternative or renewable energy resource such as solar or wind power in cold or warm environments.

This new and versatile LED19B series of UL/cUL listed, omnidirectional LED post-top bulbs come with a 5-year LEDtronics warranty, and are available through LEDtronics distributors. Quantity discounts are available, as well as customized options such as “Made in USA” ARRA compliance, other color temperatures and voltages, and other colors.

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