Turbo Lab Updated Partnerships

The Turbomachinery Laboratory at Texas A&M is pleased to announce partnerships with three professional organizations that will facilitate cooperative efforts in promoting professional workforce development and research activities on a global level. Cooperative partnerships have been established between the Turbo Lab and the Global Power and Propulsion Society (GPPS), The Hydraulic Institute, and The Vibration Institute.

Each entity in partnership has unique strengths and focus areas that complement the mission of the Turbo Lab. These strengths include developing continuing education programs for industry practitioners to improve their working knowledge, conducting investigations where supplemental research is needed, and expanding the body of knowledge in attempt to move the industry forward.

“The Turbo Lab has an extensive history of supporting industry through our symposia that includes the Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia that now is heading into its 50th anniversary,” said Dr. Eric Petersen, Director of the Turbo Lab. “Our efforts expanded to a global presence through symposia in the Middle East, and now in the Asia Pacific.”

“By partnering with these outstanding organizations, we will be able to bring increased awareness to a wide range of training and professional education programs through expanded access to industry expertise,” added Petersen. “These relationships also will aid the Turbo Lab faculty in developing new areas of research by understanding evolving needs in emerging fields.”

Turbo Lab Director of Global and Corporate Partnerships, Greg Gammon, has worked over the past two years to develop these relationships with a focus on broadening access to knowledge for engineers and technicians working with rotating equipment systems.

“Turbo Lab has worked with each of these organizations on an informal basis for several years, and through these interactions we have recognized an opportunity to combine our strengths in order to better serve the interests of industry,” said Gammon.

Partnerships with these companies will benefit all the organizations through expansion of cooperative marketing efforts, as well as identifying where new cooperative programs can be established, both technically and geographically.

“One of the largest obstacles in delivering important training and education programs to working practitioners is simply making those people and companies aware that these opportunities exist,” explained Gammon.  “Each of the entities, including Turbo Lab, will support this through various marketing activities.  Sharing these promotional resources gives everyone a better chance of success, and better serves the interests of industry as well.”

All parties are thrilled to be in official partnership with one another, and look forward to advancing an environment for an open exchange of ideas.

“We embrace the continuous change in the world and see it as a chance to shape the power and propulsion industries together,” said Professor Reza Abhari, Chairman of the GPPS Executive Committee. “Broadening our networks and facilitating in-depth interaction amongst various stakeholders from technology and science and business and policy sectors will create numerous learning and growth paths.”

For additional information on the Turbo Lab and its partnerships, visit https://turbolab.tamu.edu/partners/.

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