Transforming needs into solutions and traditional industrial forklifts into the revolutionary forklift truck bed

The HD-4500 by Bristow Beds is ready to move the world one skid at a time.


A general contractor was found in a bind when tasked with moving a heavy pallet of material from one jobsite to another. Hours were wasted waiting on personnel, overhead became more expensive to maintain multiple pieces of equipment, and the risk of workplace injury made moving job materials inefficient and cumbersome.

Michael Bristow, founder of Bristow Beds understands firsthand the complications and frustrations that come with what should be a simple task for a general contractor. Running his own HVAC shop years ago, he ran into many final mile material movement obstacles. “I had a skid loader and tractor with a front-end loader, but they were never in the right location to both load and unload material, so we ended up picking up things ourselves that we shouldn’t, to get the job done,” said Bristow. This constant frustration led him to create a solution that made a safer and more efficient worksite.


Bristow created the revolutionary HD-4500 as the answer to the challenge of replacing multiple pieces of equipment and personnel while cutting cost. Any industry currently using an outdated forklift now has the opportunity to make their workforce more versatile, efficient and productive with – the HD-4500.

The revolutionary Bristow Beds HD-4500 takes into consideration the complications and frustrations combined with industry leading technology and top-notch engineering. Unlike any other lifting equipment, the HD-4500 incorporates the versatility of a truck with the capabilities of a forklift to facilitate the movement of material using a single package.


The rugged design of the HD-4500 is built and equipped for ultimate flexibility across industries and projects, ensuring that it will work even harder than the operator. The integrated gooseneck hitch allows a trailer with multiple pallets to be pulled and then unloaded with the HD-4500 without the need of another operator or piece of equipment. Whether it’s driven by a general or mechanical contractor, delivery driver, landscape, supply warehouse, lineman, military, or sanitation services operator that often moves materials from one job site to another, the HD-4500 will prove its versatility as it is equipped for the job.


The HD-4500 streamlines projects by eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment to move heavy or bulky items. Simply back the truck bed forks up to material with ease using the integrated backup camera. And lift up to 4,500 pounds onto the bed using the patented lift technology. At the jobsite, unload the material with the touch of a remote button and head off to the next destination.


The HD-4500 patented lift technology with integrated design features a 4,500 pound capacity and fluid transfer self-leveling system. From large equipment to delicate pallets of material, it easily lifts and hauls, harnessing productivity with strength and power.


  • Patented lift technology for up to 4500 pounds.
  • Integrated design provides a seamless transition from truck bed to forklift.
  • Easy and convenient trailer connection offers ultimate versatility.
  • Easily installed on Class III, IV, V Cab Chassis models.
  • Wired backup camera and wireless remote for safe, easy use.
  • Finished with eye-catching powder coat paint and a sleek design.
  • Made in the USA; Veteran owned.

The HD-4500 is the final mile solution developed for material movement to provide a tangible return on investment through increased versatility, efficiency, and productivity. When it comes to the Bristow Beds’ HD-4500, this revolutionary forklift moves the world one skid at a time.

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