Trailers that are built with the Operator in mind.

Felling Trailers, Inc. will be showcasing two of their 240 trailer models, an FT-50-3 LP tag trailer and an FT-16 IT-I industrial tilt, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG (IFPE) international exhibition in Las Vegas, March 10th – 14th, 2020. Both trailers have been equipped with features that will pique the interest of those attending the show.

The FT-50-3 LP Low Profile Tag, 25-ton load capacity trailer features Felling’s New Air Operated Bi-Fold ramps (patent pending). The Air Bi-Fold Ramps are 45″ wide by 11′ (7.5′ +3.5′) wood inlaid and include three air tanks. The 11′ Air Bi-Fold ramps were designed to accommodate the load angle necessary when loading cumbersome low clearance equipment such as paving equipment and directional drills.

The FT-16 IT-I is a drop deck tilt trailer with a 5′ stationary deck and an 18′ tilt deck. The trailer is equipped with a removable attachment rack that is mounted on the front stationary deck. The attachment rack provides functional space for equipment attachments such as buckets, trenchers, etc. with multiple securement points with rub rail stake pockets along with bolt-on tubes on the roadside for storage of shovels and brooms.

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