The new M3000 Case Packer from Brenton Reach speeds up to 50 cases per minute

Brenton is launching a new continuous motion side-load case packer aimed at CPQ customers looking to pack between 30 and 50 cases per minute. Plan to see the M3000 demonstrating its capabilities in booth N-5546 at PACK EXPO 2022, Oct. 23-26 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Brenton is a leader in designing and manufacturing integrated end-of-line packaging systems and machines, specializing in case packing and palletizing using both robotics and other automation.

The M3000 Case Packer is designed to fill a need for mid-range manufacturers of packaged personal care and food products to pack up to 50 wrap-around or tray-style cases per minute. The machine features Brenton’s standard servo-driven changeover assist design for faster, more consistent changeovers in 15 minutes or less with minimal manual adjustments.

The M3000 utilizes Beckhoff XTS Track technology that reduces the footprint needed for the machine. This linear transport system allows the case to dwell in some stations longer than others, resulting in a smaller footprint with a higher case output rate. The intuitive HMI features two-touch navigation for commonly used functions, and the open access design allows for easy maintenance to decrease downtime.

The addition of the M3000 completes Brenton’s side-load case packing portfolio, joining the M2000 (up to 35 cases per minute) and the M4000 (up to 85 cases per minute) in providing the right solution to specific customer applications.

The M3000 will be in action at PACK EXPO packing plastic bottles of wet wipes. Show attendees will also see Brenton’s redesigned MP1000 Robotic Bulk Palletizing / Depalletizing End of Arm Tool that can pick up full layers of product at one time.

A great time-saving solution for a variety of industries, including plastic container manufacturers, the MP1000 provides consistent tight layer grids of palletized and depalletized product through cradle and place technology that combines a servo-operated rotary tool and slat system to gently handle full layers of product weighing up to 500 pounds with each motion. Cradle and place technology outperforms traditional roller or vacuum pick and place systems, which can leave trays behind or fail to handle certain bulk items.

The MP1000 is the ideal solution for palletizing and depalletizing applications for empty or full bulk items, bags, cans, bottles, or irregular-shaped packs. It also works well for handling cases, open or sealed cases, trays, display packs, and bundles.

To see both the M3000 Case Packer and the MP1000 Robotic Bulk Palletizing/Depalletizing End of Arm Tool in action, visit booth N-5546 at PACK EXPO 2022.

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