TA Services expands cross border capabilities with cross-docking facility

This new warehousing and fulfillment space in Laredo, Texas will house multiple shippers in a variety of industry verticals for added cross-docking needs

TA Services, a full-service logistics provider, recently opened a strategically located cross-docking facility in Laredo, Texas. This facility opened at the beginning of April 2022, and already services over 100 shippers and manufacturers, yet there is still ample available space to service additional customers. This new location will handle products ranging from consumer goods to heavy industrial, automotive products, and more.

Along with other cross-docking facilities in Greenwood, Indiana; Memphis, Tennessee; York, Pennsylvania and multiple in Michigan, TA Services’ less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers bring products from all over the country to this one consolidation point in Laredo.

At this new warehouse, TA Services offloads and deconsolidates products before consolidating and loading trucks across the docks. Pallet shipments are then dispersed to local companies in the area with roughly thirty truckloads rotating in and out per day. This facility’s dedication to cross-docking and consolidation activities has created a fast-paced and efficient environment for TA Services’ shippers. The new facility also offers local last-mile delivery.

“Our new Laredo cross-docking and consolidation facility acts as a hub and spoke model,” said Daniel Cisneros, Consolidation Operations Manager at TA Services. “We feel that this facility offers our shippers a huge competitive advantage.”

Not only does the cross-docking facility have the geographic advantage of being close to the U.S.-Mexico border, it is also in close proximity to Laredo’s vast array of customs brokers for export shipping operations. On the import side, having a facility almost immediately upon entering the U.S. is advantageous to shippers needing to disperse freight to different regions of the country.

Thanks to the boom in manufacturing production in Mexico, Laredo is a popular location for storage and consolidation facilities. For example, the warehousing vacancy rate in Laredo is half of a single percent, and facilities still being built are already being claimed by companies eager for warehousing space.

“TA Services is big enough to have the tools, resources, systems, and innovations that other multibillion-dollar industrial juggernauts have, but at the same time, we are nimble enough to be lean, agile, and responsive to customer needs,” said Aron Scalissi, Director of Warehouse Operations at TA Services.

TA Services plans on expanding its warehouse footprint in Laredo in the near future. They currently provide short- or long-term warehousing. One major convenience of their current cross-docking facility is that it is in the nucleus of Laredo with outstanding proximity to the border and brokers. TA Services’ long-standing connections with brokers both in Laredo and over the Mexican border make the third-party logistics company ideal for this type of material handling for North American shippers.

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