The Spytrack Nano

Spytrack Nano – Portable GPS Tracker for Locating Vehicle and Assets

GPS based tracking systems, when installed on your vehicle makes it easy to track the location of your vehicle anywhere in the world. This system can assist you in several different situations whether for locating overseas shipments, field employees or valuable assets. GPS technology has advanced and tracking device became portable devices that fit in a pocket. Rewire Security takes the portable GPS technology a whole new level and offers one of the most reliable GPS solutions in the size of a matchbox that allows you to track its location anywhere in the world using nothing but your smartphone.

The Spytrack Nano weighs only 68 grams and hosts a list of useful functions such as; real-time tracking, route history, geo-fence zones, instant smartphone notifications, addresses, the route between the user and the tracker as well as detailed usage reports.

It’s an ideal GPS tracker for location kids, elderly, distribution personnel, construction vehicles, assets, motorcycles as well as packages and overseas shipments. Vehicle and cargo theft are always on the rise and it costs the economy billions of dollar every year. A GPS tracker is the best solution for identifying the behavior of your employees and drivers. It’s an outstanding technology at a reasonable price and gives the business owners and managers peace of mind, being able to locate the most important assets to their business on the map in just a few seconds. Utilise the latest GPS technology and software to handle your assets and materials in the digital platform.

The Spytrack Nano Personal GPS Tracker costs only E69.99.

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