SpotBot 4G Plus: Impact, Temperature, Humidity and Location Monitor

Reduce Damage and Optimize Your Supply Chain with GPS, Cellular and WiFi Connectivity

 SpotSee®, a global leader in supply chain indicators that protect products against damage and ensure supply chain integrity, has launched SpotBot 4G® Plusthe newest iteration of the connected recorder that monitors impact, temperature, humidity, and location of a shipment.

“In today’s world, supply chain transparency is critical,” said Tony Fonk, CEO, SpotSee.“Our team developed the SpotBot 4G Plus to be our next-generation impact sensor, so our customers have the most efficient tools to be connected and are able to protect their shipments.”

Created for use in the life sciences, automotive, electronics, power generation, and aerospace industries, the SpotBot 4G Plus provides extensive insights into the condition of a product or shipment through the supply chain. Detailed location, impact, temperature, and humidity data are delivered to the SpotSee Cloud via the 4G LTE-M cellular network or through known Wi-Fi connections. The device combines GPS technology with proximity sensing of Wi-Fi signals and cellular towers to track the location of shipments and the conditions they experience in transit.

All event information is available through a secure portal and is available for download. Customers can monitor each trip through an easy-to-use interface, receive real-time updates, and track potential damage along the journey.

SpotBot 4G Plus, SpotSee’s next-generation monitoring device, offers users a smaller footprint, smart data collection, over-the-air device configuration, and longer battery life. The device will be available for purchase today through SpotSee and select global distributors.

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