Smart process gating is reinventing muting

When safety light curtains are guarding a danger zone where material must be moved automatically into or out of the zone, the muting technique is typically used. Typically, this is accomplished with additional muting sensors that detecting transport material and distinguish between transport material and personnel.

A new product, invented and offered by Leuze electronic now provides an easier and more efficient solution for this type of muting application without the need for additional sensors.

Our innovative MLC 530 SPG (-Smart Process Gating-) light curtains, use a control signal provided by the PLC and the interruption of the protective field itself for bridging to the material transport. The SPG method meets the material transport requirements without the need for additional sensors.

Therefore, systems can be designed to be more compact and the risk of misalignment or damage to the sensors is eliminated as is the costs for their maintenance and servicing. MLC 530 SPG safe guards’ danger zones against unauthorized access while still allowing material to enter and exit without the use of additional muting sensors in the  intralogistics, automotive and packaging industries.

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