Smart extraction technology: KEMPER further digitalizes occupational safety

The KEMPER GmbH continues to drive networking in occupational safety: Following the trade fair’s motto “At the pulse of digitalization”, the company presents smart extraction technology at the EuroBLECH in Hannover: including the advanced AirWatch air monitoring system, the CleanAirTower SF ventilation system with replacement filter, the mobile torch extraction unit VacuFil 125, and a new generation of IoT-capable extraction and filter systems.

“The consistent digitalization of occupational safety measures is the central topic of the future. Thanks to machine-machine communication, users gain better control of their systems and can protect their employees from hazardous materials effectively”, says KEMPER CEO Bjarn Kemper.

Measure particles smaller than 0.3 micrometers With the advanced AirWatch air monitoring system, the company presents an intelligent solution for measuring and controlling indoor hall air quality. The system uses a highly sensitive laser method to detect particles even smaller than 0.3 micrometers. AirWatch can be flexibly extended since the sensor modules are replaceable / retrofittable. In the future, this will make it possible not only to monitor fine dust particles but also nitrogen or carbon monoxide.

“Constant air monitoring allows production managers to recognize trends or effects of changes in the production and monitor the effectiveness of filter and extraction systems”, explains Kemper. The system not only displays the recorded values but also uses SIM card technology to control extraction systems and store data on a cloud.

General ventilation with integrated air monitoring

KEMPER is also presenting the CleanAirTower SF (storage filter) with integrated air monitoring software. The general ventilation system measures the particle concentration in the hall’s air without additional equipment. The CleanAirTower SF also has a high separation efficiency of more than 99 % and works using the recommended layered ventilation principle.

Filters can be changed completely without contamination. At the same time, the replacement filter turns general ventilation into an industrial solution that is also interesting for businesses beyond metal working. The new TurboBoost function allows for a temporary increase of the extraction output to catch large volumes of fine dust. A new user interface provides insights into filter saturation and power consumption.

VacuFil 125 parameters update automatically The torch extractor VacuFil 125 always provides optimal extraction performance based on the parameters stored in the KEMPER Cloud Portal. The device considers various torch characteristics, like individually varying pressure gradients or saturation of the filter. Welders simply select the corresponding torch type on an intuitive interface. The software is continually updated with new data. The extraction device is suitable for the permanent use in point extraction with large smoke and dust volumes.

Step by step, KEMPER digitalizes more and more devices and systems. At the EuroBLECH trade fair, the manufacturer presents a new Industry 4.0-capable generation of the 8000 and 9000 systems -” now under the name WeldFil Compact and WeldFil. Thanks to additional sensors and cloud-based communication, the central extraction and filter systems enable forward-looking maintenance. In addition, they are more efficient than their predecessors in terms of maintenance and energy consumption.

From October 23 to 26, KEMPER will exhibit its goods in Hall 12, Booth B06 at the EuroBLECH at the Hanover Trade Show.

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