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Sinamics G120C drive-series now with new frame sizes for higher power ratings

Siemens is extending its Sinamics G120C-series of drives to include three new frame sizes for high power output ranges. The new frame sizes cover the power output range from 22 to 132 kilowatts (kW), making the series available from 0.55 kW to 132 kW. Standard features of the series include a compact design with optional filter, long cable lengths, full integration into the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal and simple control and commissioning. The G120C also includes the “Safe Torque Off” function (STO) which prevents a motor from unintentionally starting.

The three new frame sizes for the Sinamics G120C series include: FSD (22 to 45 kW),
FSE (55 kW) and FSF (75 to 132 kW), making this compact series of drives ideal for applications requiring higher power ratings. The Sinamics G120C, with its total of seven different frame sizes for operation on three-phase line supplies, features a particularly compact design, as components such as the DC choke and EMC filter are already integrated in the device. This reduces the space required in the control cabinet. The design of the drives also allows all of the frame sizes to be lined up next to one another without any derating.

The parameter settings of the Sinamics G120C can easily be copied to an SD memory card and transferred to other devices. This allows the drives to be reliably cloned without additional technical support and facilitates series commissioning with minimum associated costs. Sinamics G120C drives can also be integrated into the TIA Portal system diagnostics and communicate with Simatic controllers via Profinet and Profibus. This means the control and drive system can be intuitively programmed. The TIA Portal library concept ensures the drives can be easily reused, including their parameters and hardware components. The energy-efficient, sensor-less vector control permits high torque levels to be achieved at low speeds.

Sinamics G120C drives are ideal for applications such as conveyor belts, mixers, extruders, pumps, fans, compressors and simple handling machines.

Siemens Digital Factory (DF) offers a comprehensive portfolio of seamlessly integrated hardware, software and technology-based services in order to support manufacturing companies worldwide in enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of their manufacturing processes and reducing the time to market of their products.

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