Should You Consider Aerial Work Platforms for High-Rise Construction Sites?

Aerial lift vehicles are commonplace at most construction sites in the country. They are designed to elevate workers so that they can reach areas of the site that they otherwise would not be able to.

If you are the manager of a construction site, then the safety of your workers must come first. The proper equipment must be selected and used properly in order to work safely and effectively. Trying to reach inaccessible areas without the right equipment can cause damage to the property and may cause workers to become seriously injured.

Here we will break down the reasons why you should consider using aerial work platforms for your high-rise construction site.

What are aerial work platforms?

Aerial work platforms are used in order to reach inaccessible areas of a construction site. They are also known as elevated work platforms and can reach incredible heights in order for workers to work on high-rise construction sites.

However, operating an aerial work platform is not a walk in the park. Aerial work platforms must only be used by a trained professional. In the right hands, an aerial work platform will allow workers to not only work quicker, but also more effectively.

Different Types of Aerial Work Platforms

Scissor lifts will lower and raise workers and heavy loads using state-of-the-art hydraulics. The platform can be raised above the base in a direct manner, thanks to the cutting-edge design of the lift.

Due to its unique design, scissor lifts provide impressive stability that helps differentiate it from the other types of aerial work platforms in the industry. The purpose of a scissor lift is similar to scaffolding or a ladder

However, the scissor lift boasts a superior carrying capacity, and also provides a reach that is far more reliable when compared to ladders or scaffolding. If you are interested in lowering your costs and boosting your productivity, then we would recommend that you invest in a scissor lift.

Scissor lifts work particularly well for heavy duty unloading and loading. They also work quite well for semi-permanent and permanent installations that require that employees lower and raise heavy materials and equipment on a regular basis.

Boom lifts are similar to scissor lifts. However, they are able to reach even higher heights than most scissor lifts. They are also designed to maneuver around obstacles as well. Most boom lifts consist of a bucket or platform, a hydraulic lift system, and a grounded base.

A boom lift is sometimes affixed to a van or truck in order to make them easier to move around. A boom lift can also be powered by an IC engine or via electricity. As far as extension range is concerned, most boom lifts will provide a reach that ranges from 35 to 175 feet.

If you are dealing with areas that are very hard to reach, and to the point that they can prove to be a real safety hazard, then a boom lift may solve your issue. Some window cleaners will use a boom lift in order to wash windows, and boom lifts are also commonly used by construction workers, firefighters, and electricians.

Spider lifts are manufactured with a very long arm that is built on what appears to be four legs. Its unique design makes it appear almost spider-like in its appearance. It can be moved to outdoor areas with relative ease, even if said areas consist of buildings, houses, trees, and landscaping.

Spider lifts are commonly used on power lines and construction sites. They are also used on trees in order to pick fruits, and may also be used by firefighters to rescue people from burning buildings.

As can be seen, boom lift benefits are myriad, and scissor lifts and spider lifts also have many uses that can aid your construction site.

Advantages of Using Aerial Work Platforms

Aerial work platforms will reduce the risk of accidents taking place at your construction site. There are also many different options to choose from as far as aerial work platforms are concerned, and most have many different configurations as well.

High efficiency is all but guaranteed with most aerial work platforms, and they are also very flexible and cost-effective. Another benefit is that they require very little to no maintenance, so they are very reliable machines.

Loads can be delivered directly to your construction site without issue. The vast lifting capacity is also worth mentioning. When you are operating conventional lifts, you will likely not have enough windows for your lifting items.

Conversely, various aerial lift services are able to lift different capacities. If your requirement of lifting materials, manpower, and goods is quite extensive, then aerial lift rentals are highly recommended.

In sum, aerial work platforms provide a vast lifting capacity, a myriad of different sizes and styles, easy accessibility, and unrivalled safety. Thanks to their plethora of benefits, aerial work platforms are commonly used by general contractors, construction companies, building erectors, maintenance businesses, warehouse owners, airline conglomerates, and dock and wharf operators.

Safety First

Aerial lifts are designed to reduce the number of on-site accidents at construction sites. Work that used to be done manually can now be performed faster and safer using aerial lifts. However, before you start working with an aerial lift, you should comprehend the features and functionality that each aerial lift type brings to the table.

Once you have chosen an aerial lift platform that is designed for your unique construction site projects, you will be able to finish projects quicker, safer, and more efficiently. Also, if you are on a tight budget, or operate a seasonal business, then you may want to look into renting instead of buying.

Many companies will offer different rental options for businesses that wish to rent an aerial work platform. Many startups that are struggling to stay afloat may opt for the rental route. On the other hand, established companies with many different projects under their belt may prefer to buy several aerial work platforms due to their many benefits.

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