See Orion’s S-Carriage, LoPro Drag Chain Conveyor, and other Pallet Wrapping Technologies at PACK EXPO 2022

Orion Packaging Systems, a ProMach brand, is displaying its vast array of stretch and pallet wrapping solutions, including its S-Carriage InstaThread Pre-stretch Film Carriage and LoPro Drag Chain Conveyor, in booth N-5646, at PACK EXPO 2022, October 23-26, at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Known for durability, efficiency, and reliability, Orion offers the most comprehensive line of end-of-line stretch wrapping pallet packaging products available. Styles include rotary turntable, rotary tower, orbital, and horizontal wrapping systems.

S-Carriage InstaThread Pre-stretch Film Carriage

Orion’s S-Carriage brings several advantages to customers, including the ability to save up to 15% on film per load – substantial savings to help offset the rising cost of film seen over the past year.

Launched in 2021, the S-Carriage improved upon what many consider to be the most important component of a stretch wrapper – the carriage. At the heart of the design are two pre-stretched rollers. The film travels in an S pattern around the rollers, providing over 180° of film contact to reduce slippage and neckdown. The result is a consistent pre-stretch of 260% at different tensions and 1” less neckdown. In other words, achieving this consistent level of pre-stretch means the customer can wrap faster while receiving better film yield; reducing film acquisition costs for shippers and improving end-user sustainability through less waste.

The S-Carriage provides consistency and a unified experience for customers as it works across Orion’s entire stretch wrapping product line. On average, the S-Carriage enables customers to increase their loads per roll of film from 135 to 154, which equals a monthly savings of about $100. The S-Carriage allows customers to wrap faster while reducing film use and saving money.

MA-DX LoPro and RTC Animations

PACK EXPO attendees can watch interactive animation videos of Orion’s massive MA-DX LoPro Drag Chain Conveyor and Rotary Tower Automatic (RTC) Stretch Wrapper.

Developed specifically for the beverage industry, the MA-DX LoPro Drag Chain Conveyor system is a safe and efficient method to wrap and move tall pallets of beer and other beverages. The system automatically receives, wraps, and discharges loads with designated specifications. It can accept three pallets at one time, allowing it to be operated by just one person, which saves on labor costs.

The LoPro Drag Chain Conveyor is a low profile, three-strand chain conveyor with a passing height of only four inches, loading of up to three 2,500 pound-pallets from either a forklift or hand-powered electric walkie pallet jacks. The basic system includes one infeed conveyor, one wrap zone conveyor, and one exit conveyor. Loads are automatically sequenced through the conveyors, and the machine will automatically apply pre-stretched film to the load, cut the film, and wipe the film tail to the load.

Orion’s Rotary Tower Automatic (RTC) Stretch Wrapper is a space-saving rotary automatic wrapper that easily integrates with new or existing conveyance. The RTC is an ideal solution for easy integration with 18” pass-height conveyors due to its compact size, affordability, and the option to expand with additional conveyance. The machine is also compatible with IAV and AVGs.

Ring Bearings Bring 6,000 Pound Weight Limit to Turntable Pallet Wrapping Systems

A notable improvement customers appreciate is adding strength to the base frame and turntable support of its turntable pallet wrapping systems. Orion has replaced the frames and phenolic casters of its Flex line with one universal ring-bearing frame. This change simplifies fabrication and assembly with a standard, universal ring bearing, enabling the Flex line to handle a maximum load capacity of up to 6,000 pounds. The addition of universal ring bearings makes the Flex line (LPA, LPD, HPA, and HPD) more reliable with increased uptime, all while reducing overall maintenance costs.

Orion’s Flex line of semi-automatic and automatic turntable pallet wrapping systems are cost-effective, rugged, and reliable machines that provide users with all the features needed to wrap pallet loads quickly and efficiently while using the least amount of stretch film.

To see how these solutions can add efficiency and safety to your next stretch and pallet wrapping application, visit Orion in booth N-5646 at PACK EXPO 2022.

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