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Sectional, Ergonomic and Portable Conveyor

… built for years of product expansion. Now that’s planning ahead.

Multi-Conveyor recently built several conveyors specifically designed and engineered to improve ergonomics in the semi-automated transport of very heavy, powder-filled and sealed paper bags of dry food.

Filled and sealed upright bags require an operator to manually reposition the product to lay flat for initial transport out of a bulk bagging room. Multi-Conveyor custom designed a slight 8” incline, raising the bags to a more functional elevation for the manual orientation. The up to 55 lb. weighted bags that used to waterfall into a somewhat flat position are now declined 4”, flat and uniformly, on a non-powered gravity roller for consistent discharge orientation.

Several flush-grid belt-powered conveyors replaced manually guided gravity-rollers to painlessly and safely move the weighted product to a pallet-staging area height with built-in, heavy-duty end-stop.  Again, all at a perfect elevation for manual bag removal onto pallets while adhering to optimum OSHA ergonomic recommendations.

The customer also asked Multi-Conveyor for a conveyor they could easily disassemble and reassemble at various locations within their plant.  Our engineering team designed the perfect, individually powered sectional conveyor solution.  The system can be moved, reconfigured or shortened with simple pin-in-place positioning bracket assemblies and 1-pin-pull locking mechanisms.

Basic built-in conveyor safety includes conventional shaft cut-out guards, finger guards, end caps, and motor heat shields, with appropriate operation safety labels throughout. The sections required a specific locking and swivel caster design with locking brakes, making portability effortless yet ensuring and maintaining stability when in use.

Although this is a dry-running product, the customer requested the entire system be fully hygienic, wash downgrade with built-in adjustability including stainless steel construction, cleanout ports modifiable guide rails. That foresight and minimal investment now is basically guaranteed to increase the customer’s ROI by expanding the use of this system as they grow their product line. Now that’s planning ahead.

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