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Santana Equipment Trading Rebrands all Social Media and releases Forklift Evaluator Feature

Santana Equipment Trading Company has launched a new campaign to rebrand all platforms of their social media. The strategy is designed to bring a stronger online presence and to improve the corporate image of the company. The marketing team has taken into consideration that social media is evolving every day and becoming very important in the corporate world. As such, Santana Equipment Trading Company understands that rebranding their social media platforms is vital with growth. Late last year, the company took their first step towards this rebranding strategy and joined “one of the most popular social platforms,” Instagram. Santana Equipment Trading Company will continue working towards this rebranding strategy throughout 2019 with platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Weekly content will include company news, advertisements, and promotions to keep the audience engaged with the company.

Alex Stuckey, West Division Manager of Santana Equipment Trading Company, adds “We are excited to see the results we have been getting through our social media platforms recently. I believe our marketing team is setting a positive example for other companies in the material handling equipment industry. We are proving that companies like ours can reach their customers in new and innovative ways.”

Santana Equipment Trading Company has expanded the new campaign to their company’s website and website features. The most notable feature is called the “Free Forklift Evaluator.” This tool strives to make the process easier for customers to get their used forklifts appraised. By filling out a simple form, customers can have their equipment evaluated and appraised by an experienced team of material handling equipment purchasers. This service is completely free and that it requires no commitments. If an evaluation does not meet expectations, a sale is not required or expected. The service exists to simply educate companies on the value of their surplus equipment, whether in working or non-working condition.

Eric Davidson, President and Founder of Santana Equipment Trading Company, adds “This new feature will be a great resource to anyone who has equipment. It will be great for anybody who is selling, thinking of selling, and even someone who might buy. It’s a fast, easy, and free feature that customers will enjoy.”

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