Safety Systems & Controls adds Nomad X to pace-one zone speed control product line

With addressing customers’ desire to protect individuals at forklift crossings, Safety Systems & Controls has expanded its Nomad RF transmitter with a transceiver option.

Nomad X is mounted on each side of a pedestrian crossing. It can be mounted on a crossing gate, pedestrian barrier, or standalone support.  Each Nomad X consists of a mounting box containing a PC Board with internal timer, push-button, battery and pilot light (LED).”

Corky Bynum, VP of Safety Systems & Controls, explains how the new feature works and the benefits of the new design.  Bynum states,  “Nomad X is activated by depressing a push-button on the mounting box. This powers Nomad X and generates an RF signal that slows Pace-One-equipped vehicles AND wakens the Nomad X on the opposite side of the crosswalk. In addition to slowing travel speeds, the LEDs on both boxes flash as visual indicators that Nomad X is activated. The activation time is programmable on the Nomad X circuit board.  With this design, we have slower travel speeds or optional forced STOP (electric trucks) at crosswalks but only when there are pedestrians present. This continues SSC’s design initiative of improving safety and doing so with minimal effects to productivity.”

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