S.A.F.E. Structure Designs collaborates with Blue Sky Network

S.A.F.E. Structure Designs, a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of ergonomic safety first OSHA compliant solution driven maintenance stands, fall protection platforms, hangar equipment, portable field equipment, steel structures, and specialty tooling for all aircraft announces that it has collaborated with Blue Sky Network to include their SmartOne C Satellite-Managed Asset-Ready Tracking System and Software to SAFE’s Jet Engine Shipping Containers which includes two engine maintenance stands all-in-one.

The Jet Engine Shipping Containers tracking system is very similar to the rotor wing aircraft tracking system manufactured by Blue Sky Network . The customer, shipping and/or receiving, has the ability to track their jet engine containers in real time around the world. SAFE incorporated a tracking system as a safety precaution for its customers in the loss of a jet engine during transport. With the use of this safety solution software, SAFE’s customers may instantly access the location of their jet engine containers when they are not in use. The system provides real time tracking of the asset, which allows the shipper/receiver the ability to monitor and establish on time delivery with the knowledge of possible delays.

With SAFEs Jet Engine Shipping Container which includes two engine maintenance stands all-in-one, the technician will receive the engine inside the shipping container, remove the lid, effortlessly, rotate the engine vertically into an engine stand working height position, and mount the second engine into the additional engine maintenance stand. Upon completion of maintenance, the mechanic is then able to insert the new engine into the aircraft, rotate the old engine horizontally back down into the container, seal the lid with quick locking latches, and ship it off.

Johnny Buscema, President and CEO of SAFE Structure Designs comments, -Blue Sky Network has provided us with a system that adds great value to our customers. Tracking expensive equipment around the world in real time proves to have many advantages. Our collaboration with Blue Sky Network has helped set SAFE apart from our competitors. We are the only company in the world applying a global tracking system to our jet engine shipping containers. This innovative technology is another addition to the many ways we help our customers increase safety and efficiency within their operations-.

-We are pleased to collaborate with S.A.F.E. Structure Designs. With the use of Blue Sky Network’s tracking system and software, SkyRouter, SAFE’s customers will have the ability to track their high value assets globally in real-time. The combination of our two companies safety solutions will deliver unprecedented value to customers- states Gregoire Demory with Blue Sky Network.

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