Orion Revamps Sentry LP, Its Entry-Level Stretch Wrapper

Orion, a product brand of ProMach, introduces the newest iteration of  the brand’s top-selling entry-level stretch wrapper, the Sentry LP.  With new technology additions and improvements made to the foundational design, the Sentry LP is now easier to operate and service and is faster than ever before.

This semi-automatic machine features IntelleVue, a seven-inch color touch screen HMI/controls package for easy operation, quick  trouble shooting, and better overall load protection. Also, at twelve revolutions per minute (RPM), the stretch wrapper makes a 30 percent increase in wrap speed, helping improve productivity. At this speed and with other features such as 200 percent pre-stretch to stabilize loads while minimizing film usage, the Sentry LP is a leader in the entry-level stretch wrapper category.

To aid wrap accuracy, another new addition to the latest Sentry generation is Orion’s RevoLogic, which delivers a precise count of each RPM. RevoLogic supports the accuracy of each wrap pattern, including the important number of top and bottom wraps. To further advance productivity, Orion offers an integrated scale option that allows for pallet weighing and wrapping to be completed in one single step. The Sentry LP is now warranted for three years.

IntelleVue adds tremendous value

IntelleVue is recipe driven, ensuring the right wrap pattern for every pallet configuration and rapid, trouble-free changeover. IntelleVue provides independent up and down wrapping control for optimum wrap patterns, maximum stability, and minimum film usage. IntelleVue is now standard across the entire line of Orion next generation stretch wrappers. This graphic user interface enables a diverse, multi-language workforce to optimize stretch wrapping performance during every shift regardless of daily changing conditions. Vital information on operation, fault clearance, and maintenance is at most two clicks away on the touchscreen. Photos and other graphics provide easy-to-grasp information on how to perform functions and fix faults. The user manual is also accessible through IntelleVue.

For more information: http://www.orionpackaging.com/

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