Raymond selected as finalist for IndustryWeek’s 2022 Best Plants award

IndustryWeek has selected The Raymond Corporation’s Greene, New York, manufacturing facility as a finalist for the 2022 Best Plants Award. The facility was selected as a finalist due to Raymond’s robust continuous improvement program and efforts to increase efficiency.

Among the achievements recognized by IndustryWeek are the facility’s warehouse optimization and continuous drive toward long-term excellence. In 2006, Raymond began implementing lean management processes through the Toyota Production System (TPS), which has helped standardize processes, visualize improvements and increase efficiency. In addition to lean management techniques, this plant has implemented key initiatives, including defect reduction, visual management, and quality circle activities, to help double production volume over the course of the past three years.

The selection process for the annual competition includes a detailed assessment of the plant’s operations and an in-person evaluation from an IndustryWeek editor. The Best Plants program’s goal is to encourage other manufacturing teams to adopt world-class practices, technologies, and improvement strategies, as well as increase customer satisfaction and offer rewarding work environments for employees.

Winners will be announced later this year and featured in the print and digital edition of IndustryWeek.

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