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Quick turnaround on large custom seals

The smallest machine part can sometimes be the most valuable part of a machine. Case in point, average quality seals are usually the cause of a machine/equipment breakdown. Breakdowns can be a headache for businesses – Every minute a machine is under repair, it is adding up to the company’s expenses. Therefore, at Oz Seals our emphasis has always been placed on sealing solutions with a very quick turnaround.

Recently, Oz Seals machined up a custom wiper seal with an internal diameter of 1 Metre to Reid Engineering & Earthmoving. They were servicing on a broken-down trailer from Drake Trailers. The Oz special wiper seal was to replace a deteriorating wheel dolley, bearing seal that was supplied by Rothe Erde Bearing.

With our innovative, precise and technologically advanced machines that are equipped with state-of-the-art seal software program, Oz Seals was able to machine and deliver the custom seal within a span of 6 hours despite the intricate seal profile design and large dimension.

The custom wiper seal was manufactured from Oz Super Polymer, which is a triple, lubricated polyurethane. These polymers are able to maximize its elasticity and is effective in fast operating cycles. As trailers are always on rough road conditions and terrains, the chosen material for the custom wiper was an excellent choice as Super polymers have excellent temperature characteristics and have proven itself in tough application situations that would require superior materials and unique seal profiles.

Additionally, seal that are manufactured from Oz Seals have been proven to have a longer life span, 2-10 times more, as compared to average quality seals which only lasts for 3-6 years.

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