QuadReal Property Group Enhances Supply Chain Code of Conduct and Ethics Prequalification Using Avetta One

QuadReal Property Group Enhances Supply Chain Code of Conduct and Ethics Prequalification Using Avetta One

With Avetta One implementation, QuadReal gains greater supply chain visibility, deepens vendor relationships and improves insurance compliance

Avetta®, the leading provider of supply chain risk management (SCRM) software, has partnered with QuadReal Property Group to enhance the company’s Code of Conduct & Ethics data collection through the Avetta One™ platform. This partnership has offered QuadReal a new tool for relationship building and greater visibility into its supply chain operations, allowing for automated data collection and increased risk management.

The Avetta One™ Platform is a single-source solution for managing operational, reputational, and regulatory compliance risks. The platform reduces safety, liability, sustainability, workforce, cybersecurity, and financial risks for corporations, suppliers, contractors, and their workers.

Avetta One delivers an unprecedented view of risks through multi-risk analytics, supplier risk trends, and supplier performance benchmarking. The platform uses almost two decades of data from millions of collected data points to provide real-time views on risks and delivers alerts on deviations from baseline measures. The analytics software includes customizable, interactive dashboards to gain insights that help build supply chain confidence.

With Avetta One prequalification, clients like QuadReal are assured contractors meet all compliance and regulatory requirements, including documentation of contractors’ skills and credentials. Avetta One provides additional insights into contractors’ safety data, insurance status, and service offerings. For insurance, Avetta One provides a full-scale view of the various insurance types suppliers use, as well as their levels of coverage. Insurance coverage is automatically verified every year.

“When vendors achieve compliance with our requirements through the Avetta platform, we are confident in the quality and completeness of the information they share with us,” said Nada Sutic, vice president, programs & policy at QuadReal. “The Avetta One platform has automated a previously manual, time-consuming process, allowing my team to efficiently ensure we have all the necessary information prior to doing business.”

Avetta One provides clients with a quick and comprehensive look into the potential vendor community, a feature that has empowered QuadReal to make timely, educated decisions for onboarding new contractors. With the benefit of this tool, the QuadReal team will continue to build deeper, mutually beneficial relationships with the vendor community.

“Avetta has been a very solid and attentive partner to QuadReal,” Sutic said. “While building out our implementation process, we worked very closely to configure it to meet our specific needs. When we had situations where things turned out differently than expected, the Avetta team quickly addressed the situation. They were always ready to collaborate and find the best solution to move forward—for us and for our suppliers.”


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QuadReal Property Group is a global real estate investment, operating and development company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Its assets under management total $67.1 billion. From its foundation in Canada as a full-service real estate operating company, QuadReal has expanded its capabilities to invest in equity and debt in both the public and private markets. QuadReal invests directly, via programmatic partnerships and through operating companies in which it holds an ownership interest. QuadReal seeks to deliver strong investment returns while creating sustainable environments that bring value to the people and communities it serves. Now and for generations to come.

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