Prepare for falling temperatures with Phillips & Temro Industries Zerostart® Engine Block Heaters from TVH

TVH Americas, a global provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling, industrial, and light construction equipment industries, knows that colder weather brings new challenges when it comes to operating equipment efficiently and consistently. One challenge is that frigid temperatures can make turning the equipment on a bit more difficult and cause them to start up slower.

Cold starts can put additional strain on the battery and increase fuel consumption because the vehicle must idle for longer periods of time before being operated. Fuel efficiency can plummet for up to 20 minutes following a cold start because the engine requires a higher fuel to air ratio until it reaches optimal operating temperature. Suppliers, like TVH, have Phillips & Temro Zerostart® engine block heaters in stock and ready to ship.

Using an engine block heater to warm the engine, as well as its fluids, makes it easier to start. They will not only reduce overall wear and tear but will also help to reduce emissions while increasing fuel economy. These are best used in areas where the temperature is around five degrees Fahrenheit or colder. An added bonus of an engine block heater is it will also create a more comfortable environment inside the vehicle by allowing the heater to blow hot air sooner.

In addition to the Zerostart engine block heaters, TVH also offers these products from Phillips & Temro Industries:

  • Battery blankets
  • Circulation heaters
  • Lower radiator hose circulation heater
  • Magnetic heaters
  • Pad heaters

To avoid cold starts and to extend the life of your engine as well as other vital components of your vehicle, check out the complete offering of Phillips & Temro Industries product offering from TVH.

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