Episode 006 : COVID-19 | Supply Chain and the Future – Part II

Lift & Tilt Podcast – Episode 006 :  COVID-19 | Supply Chain and the Future – Part II
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Date: 4/24/20

Host: Kurt Guntner & Special Guest

Overview: In part II of our podcast, Kurt and special guest enjoy a margarita while discussing post pandemics plans for businesses that are welcoming employees back or simply trying to navigate the unchartered waters of business with COVID-19.

Topics Discussed

1) Risk Management

With employees facing new threats in the work place, liability of businesses is being challenged in wrongful death suits and claims of hazardous work environments. Making plans to keep your employees safe and mitigate risk is at the forefront of business management teams across the globe.

2) Technology

Anti-microbial materials, voice activated automation, UV lights, and industrial grade air purifications systems are at the forefront of post pandemic technology upgrades.

3) Disruption Mindset

The pandemic has altered business as many of us know it for the foreseeable future. Developing a mindset that acknowledges change is constant is key to being nimbler and more agile than your competitors.

Source Articles:
Inc. Magazine | Why You Need a Post-Pandemic Plan

Harvard Business Review | Preparing Your Business for a Post Pandemic World

Forbes | How to Fortify Your Supply Chain in an Era of Escalating Disruption

The Brew & Tasting Notes:

Chuy’s Signature Margarita

“All Margaritas and Martinis are made with our fresh lime juice, squeezed every day in-house. All Margaritas and Martinis are made with our fresh lime juice, squeezed every day in-house. salt and jalapeño-stuffed olives”

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