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Polymer Solutions International’s New Rack Technology Extends the Usable Life of 5-Gallon Water Bottles

Polymer Solutions International (PSI®), a leading global supplier of material handling products for the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial and retail industries, among others, announces its newly designed, next generation ProStack® Rack. The ProStack® Modular Rack System has been the leading solution for storage and delivery of 3-5 gallon water bottles globally for over two decades. After years of research and field testing, this exciting addition to the ProStack® family incorporates the latest rack and material technology to help bottlers protect their investment in PET bottles.

PSI’s newly produced solution keeps plastic bottles secure in tunnels, significantly reducing the friction that causes scuffing and damage. PSI® developed a solution which combines the advantages of advanced plastic materials with a completely new way of “cradling” the stored bottles.

The combination of these two innovations reduces:
1) The percentage of bottle surface which contacts the rack
2) The number of edges that the bottle will pass as it is being loaded or unloaded from the tunnel
3) Movement in the racks as the bottles are transported

As bottles are transported, they are subject to movement and vibration. With PSI’s latest technology, the bottles are much more stable in the tunnels, therefore reducing friction and wear. The improved rack has a lighter weight, allowing the customer to carry more bottles on a truck. Alternatively, if a bottler chooses to carry the same amount of product, the loads will ultimately weigh less, creating better fuel efficiency for logistical savings.

Jerry Koefelda, Vice President of Sales & Product Development at Polymer Solutions, said, “These new innovations came about as the result of our in-house research and development with a number of plastic compounds and geometric tunnel designs to see which combination would achieve breakthrough results. By improving the longevity of the bottles, companies no longer have to prematurely remove bottles from the market every few months. We have designed PSI’s new rack technology to maximize the usable life for their plastic materials.”

In addition to working with standard 5-gallon bottles, PSI’s new rack technology is also available for use transporting and storing 3 or 4-gallon water bottles, which are used in various markets.

Serving diverse industry verticals, PSI® offers products at a range of different price points, with specialized features to s

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