Paul Quinn Launches Nexterus Supply Chain Management Office for the Midwest Region

With over 25 years of operations and supply chain management experience inenterprise and mid-sized manufacturing companies, Paul Quinn has launched a Nexterus office in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Quinn witnessed the critical importance of supply chain management from his days as a Naval officer on theUSS Mount Hood (AE-29), an ammunition and supply ship.

“Supply chain management is crucial to mission success in the military,” says Quinn. “It wasn’t just about gettingammunition to the ships in the fleet. It was also about getting food, repair parts and critical necessities to the soldiers and sailors. The challenges are no different in business.”

Quinn began exploring business ownership opportunities after working in senior leadership roles in all facets offactory/warehouse operations & supply chain management for well-known enterprises and mid-sized companies. He was drawn to Nexterus because of its business model and advanced technology. The focus is on small and mid-sized manufacturers and distributors. Nexterus provides these businesses with access to advanced technology solutions, including a proprietary transportation management system (TMS) and Llamasoft’s supplychain optimization software tools.

“Nexterus has four differentiating advantages over other companies,” says Quinn.

  1. Expertise – Nexterus has over 70 years of supply chain industry experience and views itself as the champion of small to mid-sized companies. In this role, the company researches best practices of the world’s most efficient supply chains and brings those solutions to the SME marketplace in scalable and affordable applications.
  2. Supply Chain & Logistics Technology – Fusion Center TMS is a multi-modal solution that requires no software implementation, no capital investment, no license fees, and no separate ongoing costs or fees. It is easy to use, provides quick quoting and tendering of shipments, and has automated track & trace capabilities. Nexterus has expertise in developing TMS code and is constantly on the cutting edge of introducing enhancements and upgrades for its customers. In addition, Nexterus has supply chain engineers on staff to leverage Llamasoft’s optimization software tools on our clients’ behalf.


  1. Customer Service – With Nexterus, you get the best of both worlds – technology and a first-class customer care team. The average tenure on the Nexterus customer care team is 16 years. The customer care team is available 24/7, 365. The team is able to support and serve any mode of transportation (LTL, FTL, Air & Sea Import/Export, Rail, Intermodal)- Nexterus has several customs brokers on staff and maintains numerous licensures and certificates in the supply chain space.


  1. Supply Chain Advisory Services – Include supply network optimization (factories and warehouses, how large should they be? Where should they be?); inventory analysis and optimization; temporary or flex warehousing; warehouse layout/modification; packaging optimization and demand planning/forecasting.

“On-time delivery and cost-savings are both crucial to our clients. Supply chain management and optimization are not sexy parts of business, but they are highly critical. When I meet with customers, I speak their language. I understand their pain points. I know what keeps them up at night. I can solve critical issues with proven technology. I provide solutions,” said Quinn.

“Paul Quinn is a tremendous asset to the Nexterus team,” says Ryan Polakoff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nexterus. “Paul’s successful career, incredible work ethic, and executive experience make him a tremendous leader representing the Nexterus brand.”

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