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Pallet2Ship: Navigating Post-Brexit Logistics with Streamlined Customs Paperwork Solution

Pallet delivery experts, Pallet2Ship, have revealed the streamlined process implemented to navigate the turbulence and uncertainty of Brexit. Now four years into the use of the standardized system and announcing it for the first time, Pallet2Ship has found a successful and unique solution to post-Brexit paperwork.

Pallet2Ship’s solution is designed to expedite customs paperwork generation and optimize the flow of goods through international export and import routes. Navigating the intricate landscape of customs paperwork has been a significant challenge for businesses, especially in the wake of Brexit. Pallet2Ship recognized this challenge and responded with a solution that eliminates uncertainty and confusion while streamlining the customer experience.

The cornerstone of Pallet2Ship’s innovation is its standardized system, which is designed to cater to individual carriers’ requirements. This system empowers users to effortlessly generate critical documents such as commercial invoices and pro-forma invoices directly from the Pallet2Ship website. By doing so, it eliminates the need for customers to produce these documents separately, which makes the shipping process more efficient and minimizes delays.

Additionally, customers are able to generate additional documents requested by the carriers, online, and some of them are automatically completed by the system. Moreover, the information supplied at the time of the booking, including the details completed on the commercial invoice can be saved and reused for future booking.

For businesses and individuals shipping internationally, Pallet2Ship offers comprehensive information on customs regulations, import/export restrictions, and shipping requirements for various countries. This helps users navigate the complexities of cross-border shipping with ease.

George Wicks-Farr, Customer Service Supervisor at Pallet2Ship said, “We understand the hurdles businesses have faced with customs paperwork, especially in the wake of Brexit. We wanted to simplify the logistics process and provide a seamless experience for our customers. Our standardized system not only removes the paperwork burden but also ensures compliance with international regulations, enabling shipments to move smoothly across export and import routes.”

Pallet2Ship’s approach of removing uncertainty and requesting relevant information directly from customers has proven to be a game-changer in the industry. By providing clear guidelines and generating the necessary paperwork, Pallet2Ship has significantly reduced the risk of shipment disruptions and enhanced overall operational efficiency.

The system has resulted in invaluable insight into the fine-tuning of capabilities and ensuring it meets the highest standards of excellence.


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