PACLINE CONVEYORS is now providing system sales and expertise for UNIBILT™ enclosed track conveyors

Pacline Conveyors Inc. is now a licensed distributor/integrator for UNIBILT™ enclosed track conveyors. UNIBILT™ conveyors are well suited for medium to heavy-duty conveyor applications such as paint lines, assembly lines and parts storage.

For almost 40 years PACLINE has provided custom conveyor solutions in a wide range of industries. PACLINE understands that no two projects are the same and the best solutions require experienced engineering and the right equipment to meet the needs of the specific customer application.

-With the addition of UNIBILT™ conveyors we are able to completely round-out our product line and offer a wider range of solutions to fit even more of our customer’s needs-, said Karl Scholz, president of Pacline Conveyors.

UNIBILT™ conveyors are known to be the strongest conveyors in the industry.  All UNIBILT™ track is precision roll formed from WEBALLOY II Steel -” a specially formulated high strength carbon steel that is harder, stronger and designed to last longer.

Customized UNIBILT™ systems have been widely adopted by automobile and other industrial manufacturers around the world.


For further information about PACLINE UNIBILT™ products visit:

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