Our fleet utilization solutions empower corporations to gain better insight and control

Fleet Services, LLC is a minority business enterprise (MBE) focused on equipment leasing and rental. We specialize in forklifts but also deal with many other equipment types. In addition to providing an MBE indirect supplier solution to any size company (including banks and leasing companies), we also provide lease administration, fleet advisory services, and consultancy specializing in utilization management. Lastly, and most importantly, with the new Lease Accounting rules taking effect January 1, 2019, we have developed a new financial product that may keep assets Off-Balance Sheet.

For fleet users, we help secure the best quality solutions for leasing and managing the complex process of equipment acquisition, life cycle asset management, and asset tracking. Our fleet utilization solutions empower corporations to gain better insight and control of equipment and realize fleet optimization and efficiency by collecting, selecting, analyzing, and reporting data.

Our products and services are flexible and tailored to our customer specific needs. We provide a customized approach delivering efficiencies, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and introducing fleet utilization controls to the lease process.

Below is a partial listing of our products and services;

1. Provide expertise in managing and facilitating all the components and activities involved in acquiring equipment under a lease.
2. Off-Balance Sheet treatment on certain type transactions.
3. Partner with industry leaders in web-based software and technology to provide an integrated suite of applications and services for fleet utilization and management.
4. Develop solutions to effectively coordinate the process between the Lessee, its vendors and other providers.
5. Assist in managing the Lease vs. Buy decision making process.
6. Create and distribute Request for Proposal/Quote (RFP/RFQ) and evaluate proposals.
7. Provide lifecycle management for beginning a lease, during the lease, and end of lease.
a. Beginning lease services-equipment evaluation, financing/lease structures, accounting/administration needs.
b. During the lease services-lease accounting tracking, online reporting, asset tracking, mid-term changes or upgrades.
c. End of lease services-review end of lease options, coordinate any returns, equipment replacement, and equipment remarketing.

If you have a need for, or would like to discuss, any of our services, then please contact us: Tibor Horvath, VP, Fleet Services, LLC. 215-327-8743
Email: fleet_services@aol.com

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