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Orbital Wrapper Manufacturer Introduces Smart Controls

Orbital wrapper manufacturer TAB Industries, LLC, has introduced Smart Controls that transform its semi-automatic TAB Wrapper Tornado standard models into automated wrapping machines. Developed to allow packaging, shipping and material handling managers to automate the wrapping process at an economical price point, the Smart Controls enable a forklift driver to operate the stretch wrapper with a single press and release of the start and stop buttons instead of requiring the start button to remain manually pressed during the wrapping process. Once the start button is pressed, the Smart Controls use a position encoding system to automatically set the dispensing unit at its home location in the wrapping ring, apply the plastic film, then cut it, holding onto the stretchwrap for the next pallet load.

The new Smart Controls are available on the company’s three standard TAB Wrapper Tornado models, which offer 40-, 80- and 100-inch wrapping rings to accommodate 24” x 24”, 48” x 48”, and 60” x 60” pallets respectively, and on custom models. The Smart Controls integrate with the optional wireless and wired remote control systems for maximum automation, or may be applied as a stand-alone addition to the base models for entry level automation.

The patent-pending TAB Wrapper Tornado wraps plastic stretch film 360 degrees around and under a pallet and its load to attach the load to the pallet and keep it securely in place for transport or storage. The orbital wrapping machines wrap each pallet load in less than 60 seconds versus five minutes or more per pallet load when wrapping by hand.

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