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OIL EATER® launches award-winning overnight stain remover

KAFKO International, Ltd., manufacturers of Oil Eater® Cleaner/Degreaser announces OIL EATER® OVERNIGHT STAIN REMOVER. With 30+ years of experience marketing cleaning products to heavy-duty users, Kafko has unique insight into the toughest problems these customers face at home and at work. By listening to these customers, we discovered a gap in the market for products that can effectively treat oil & grease stains on porous surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and brick.

Traditional cleaners struggle with these types of surfaces, which is why so many driveways and garages are covered with unsightly oil stains from a leaky vehicles. Using Kafko’s expertise in oil cleaning technology, Oil Eater is introducing the first concrete cleaner that uses oil-eating microbes to clean deep beneath the surface and effortlessly restore driveways & garages to a like-new appearance. This product has made an early splash with industry professionals who voted Overnight Stain Removal a winner of the 2022 AAPEX New Product Showcase.

Quick Facts:

  • 2022 AAPEX New Product Showcase Winner
  • Oil-eating microbes clean beneath the surface
  • Pulls out oil stains in 3 effortless steps: apply, dry & sweep away
  • Helps restore concrete, brick, asphalt & more
  • Restores fuel pads, parking garages & driveways in 12 hours
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