NORD DRIVESYSTEMS to Showcase Innovative Logistics Solutions at ProMatDX 2021

NORD will exhibit at the ProMatDX Digital Experience April 12 – 16, showcasing its specialized drive solutions for Logistics applications. ProMatDX is designed to combine the power of networking, sourcing, and education into a user-friendly virtual format.nordac-pro-sk-500p

NORD’s new, innovative solutions for Logistics have already helped airports, parcel distribution centers, and warehouses throughout the world move tons of products faster and more efficiently. NORD will showcase these versatile, reliable products at ProMatDX to help companies boost the efficiency of their material handling and supply chain operations, reduce their Total Cost of Ownership, and provide fast return on investment.

Registration for the ProMatDX event is free and gives attendees direct access to learn from and interact with NORD’s technical experts. Two video demonstrations with live Q&A will highlight key products in NORD’s new offering – the IE5+ high-efficiency motor portfolio and their Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance system. These solutions, paired with NORD’s existing modular product line, provide reliable, flexible, and highly customizable solutions for logistics applications.

New Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance Solution Apr 14, 2021 at 1:45 PM CT

New IE5+ Synchronous Motor Portfolio Apr 15, 2021 at 10:00 AM CT

IE5+ Synchronous Motors – NORD’s newest generation of smooth body motors are characterized by their extremely high IE5+ efficiency rating. These motors focus on maximizing efficiency, with a compact footprint that can be installed quicky and easily, even in small spaces. With these motors, operators can experience energy savings, reduce system variants, and minimize operating costs for their applications, especially when operating at partial loads and low speeds.

Key Advantages:

-Variant reduction due to constant torque over wide speed range

-Compact size at 9” and 15.4 lbs. providing 0.5 – 1.5 HP in a single motor frame

-Compatible with all gear units and cabinet or wall-mounted VFDs from the NORD modular system

-Flexible mounting options: Direct, NEMA, IEC

-Reduced Total Cost of Ownership and fast Return on Investment

-nsd tupH Sealed Surface Conversion or IP69K optional (as gearmotor solution) for hygienic and/or washdown applications

Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance – NORD’s new Condition Monitoring solution helps maintain machines and plants proactively to reduce downtimes and increase overall efficiency. It provides real- or near-real-time drive and status data which is recorded and analyzed periodically or continuously to optimize operational performance and safety. This drive status data is stored on a local industrial PC which can then be transferred and summarized on a remote dashboard.

Key Advantages:

-Detection and avoidance of impermissible operating states at an early stage

-Status-oriented maintenance instead of time-based maintenance

-Scheduled machinery and plant downtimes based on real drive and process data

-Reduction of service and material costs

-Longer service life of components and machinery

-Predictable and cost-optimized repairs

NORDAC PRO SK 500P – The NORDAC PRO SK 500P is the latest product to join NORD’s family of drive control electronics. It is especially well-suited to handle the requirements of Logistics operations with highpower density and an intuitive parameter structure that is designed for compatibility. The NORDAC PRO SK 500P is extremely intelligent and uses modern connectivity such as the use of an SD memory card as a storage medium for parameters, firmware, and operating data, as well as a USB interface which enables parameterization of the VFD when the power is switched off. An optional Bluetooth interface adds additional operating convenience.

Key Advantages:

– Compact design in book-size format for space-saving installation in control cabinets

-2 versions: machine inverter and application inverter

-Multiple control terminal connections for digital and analog signals

-Integrated Industrial Ethernet connection, can be set to PROFINET, EtherNET/IP, POWERLINK or EtherCAT via parameters

-Optional control unit extension with display

NORD manufactures a wide selection of gear units, electric motors, and drive electronics in various sizes and configurations for Intralogistics, Warehousing, Food & Beverage, Packaging, Bulk Material Handling, and other demanding markets. The modular design of NORD products offers nearly unlimited versatility with more than 20,000,000 unique combinations of gearmotors and speed reducers that are available as inline or right-angle, mounted by foot or flange, solid or hollow shafts, and more – giving customers complete freedom to specify a drive solution that’s perfect for the job. Visit for more information.

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