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Newly formed Bison® combines Ametek dynamic fluid solutions and Bison gear and engineering corp.

Offering customers an expanded product portfolio, unparalleled customization and integration support, accelerated time to production, and global manufacturing flexibility

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (AMETEK DFS) and the former Bison Gear and Engineering Corp. combine to create a more robust, customer-centric business named Bison®. The newly created Bison®, a business of AMETEK, Inc., will provide a broader range of high-quality products, unparalleled customization, and integration support, accelerated time to production, and global manufacturing flexibility, specifically:

An Expanded Portfolio

For more than 100 years, AMETEK DFS has been an industry leader in designing and manufacturing the highest quality fluid-moving and mechanical drive solutions tailored for a variety of applications.

Its trusted brands include:
  • Lamb® Vacuum Motors
  • Nautilair® Combustion Blowers
  • Prestolite Motors Brushed DC Motors
  • ROTRON® Regenerative Blowers
  • ROTRON® Transportation Pumps and Motors
  • Windjammer® Brushless Blowers

For more than 60 years, Bison Gear and Engineering Corp. have designed and manufactured reliable and durable fractional and integral horsepower electric motors, gear motors and reducers, washdown motors, and a variety of accessories.
Unparalleled Design Expertise, Customizable Solutions, and Integration Support. The combined companies bring together hundreds of years of cumulative design expertise. The newly consolidated engineering team understands application technology challenges and provides customers with dedicated, tailored solutions in a greater number of markets and use cases.

Bison® engineers will continue to leverage their vast application and market knowledge to integrate customized solutions seamlessly into customers’ subsystems, ensuring that end products not only function properly but that performance is also optimized.

Accelerated time to production

With three state-of-the-art engineering laboratories in Kent, Ohio; Shanghai, China; and St. Charles, Illinois, Bison® is even more equipped to help customers accelerate time to production by expediting performance tests, agency qualifications and rapid prototyping.

Global Insights and Worldwide Manufacturing Flexibility

Though the blended business unit is headquartered in Kent, Ohio, Bison® brings global insights to customers through an international network supported by global sales offices and research facilities.

Additionally, customers have expanded global manufacturing options for better lead times and support. Bison® — the newly created AMETEK business – manufactures products in AMETEK facilities in Whitsett, NC, and St. Charles, IL in the United States as well as in Reynosa, Mexico, and Shanghai, China. “By combining the strengths of AMETEK DFS and Bison Gear and Engineering Corp., the new Bison® business will meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide in various industries and applications, including agriculture, combustion, construction, energy, floorcare, food and beverage, industrial machinery, medical, motion control and more,” said Matt Fuss, Division Vice President and Business Unit Manager at Bison®. “Together, our dedication to delivering the highest quality motors, blowers, and pumps combined with our customization, integration, and manufacturing expertise gives our customers the winning edge in today’s highly competitive, global marketplace.”

Customers can expect a seamless transition, maintaining the same high standards and unwavering commitment to their success. All legal company names will remain unchanged, and the combined business will be doing business as Bison®.
A consolidated website will be launched soon. Until then, visit There you will find links to the information you need to learn more or to begin a project.

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