New Video Series from PERC

3 Common Propane Forklift Misconceptions

The Propane Education & Research Council released a new “real talk” video series that aims to educate material handling professionals on three common propane forklift misconceptions regarding indoor usage, emissions, and cost.

“The videos shed light on a few of the key benefits linked with propane that, if overlooked, can prevent facilities from operating at maximum efficiency,” said Jeremy Wishart, PERC director of off-road business development. “Ninety percent of Class 4 and 5 operators are choosing propane forklifts over diesel or electric to handle their material handling needs and this video series will help facility managers understand why.”

The three-part video series, available at, outlines the following:

  • A video on refueling explains propane’s safe, easy refueling process and, subsequently, its ability to minimize downtime. By quickly swapping out an empty propane cylinder for a full one, operators can get back to work and finish the job strong.
  • Another video speaks to propane’s versatility with an ability to work indoors and outside to keep any operation clean and productive.
  • A third video compares acquisition and operational costs between propane forklifts and other fuels like electric and diesel. For example, the capital costs of a propane forklift are 30 percent less than electric.

Watch the video series or visit to learn more about propane forklifts.

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