NEW Robotics Store Launch on Ebay

RobotWorx has announced the launch of an online store on Ebay. The store features live inventory that is ready to ship in a number of categories. From robot arms to parts and grease, the Ebay store offers fast purchase and shipping options, completely by-passing the quoting process. The ease of purchase has become a popular choice as more and more consumers look to reduce the complexity of purchasing a robot. The new e-commerce option provides a variety of choices that include robots, controller batteries, teach pendants, parts, grippers and more.

The new store continues to hold a strong position in competitive pricing, a strategy that has set RobotWorx apart from the competition since 1992. While one can purchase ready to ship equipment on the store, there is also the option to retrofit the robot and add any dress packages necessary by contacting them directly. As a leader in the reconditioning of robotic equipment, the store will also feature new and demo hour’s equipment. The “like new” equipment is available in limited quantities and usually goes fast due to its high value and lower prices.

The RobotWorx limited warranty is one of its chief benefits. The warranty period begins the day the equipment ships to the end user. Robot system warranties are based on customer requirements. They offer limited warranties on reconditioned robots; the same one you would get on a new robot. There are also extended warranty options available on new robots purchased from RobotWorx.

Aside from the benefits provided by the launch of a new e-commerce platform, RobotWorx maintains a robust inventory on site. This means, that if you don’t find what you’re looking for on their Ebay store, there is a strong chance that RobotWorx either has it at their facility in Marion, Ohio, or they can source exactly what you need.

As an added Bonus—each month RobotWorx will run one “NO RESERVE” Auction on robotic parts and accessories. No Reserve is a great auction deal, which means an item will sell regardless of the amount the auction gets, as long as it is above the starting bid. To find out when the next No Reserve Auction will be held, be sure to visit the store once a week for the announcement.

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