New ED-EP electric pallet truck scales with lift accurate technology

Class III lift trucks, electric pallet jacks and stackers represent over 30% of the total lift truck market in North America. With the number of units delivered to end users every year reaching hundreds of thousands of units it makes sense that the demand for lift truck scales for class III applications is also on the rise.

For years finding an accurate and affordable solution to capturing weight on a pallet jack has been an industry challenge. Load cell systems often cost more than the unit itself and require costly ongoing calibration to be used as a productive weight recovery system.

The sensitivity, speed and relatively compact limit of the pallet jacks hydraulic system would not allow consistent weight recovery for more affordable hydraulic scales. IVDT now introduces the SkidWeigh ED2/3-EP with Lift Accurate technology lift truck scale designed specifically for the Class III, electric pallet jack market. Rigorous testing and application supported data has shown that consistently over multiple lifts the unit provides end users with weigh recovery that is +/-.99% of rated capacity.

Now users can turn their pallet jacks into efficient and mobile weight recovery systems eliminating the time and need to define weight with the addition of a stationary pallet scale. The system installs in two hours or less, calibrates in minutes and does not require on going calibration or service.

The IVDT SkidWeigh ED2/3-EP with Lift Accurate technology lift truck scale is ideal for pre-shipping weight definition, material handling applications where space is a concern, or truck delivery processes where weight is required for transactional purposes. The ED2/3-EP system also has various printer options including labelling and Bluetooth capability. Designed for the material handling industry the ED-EP series weigh scales with Lift Accurate technology fit onto any pallet jack and are designed to capture data that most companies simply cannot productively realize.

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