MP-1000 Modular Forklift Battery Charger

The MP-1000 3-Phase Modular Battery Charger is a high frequency, fully automatic battery charger for motive power & forklift batteries. There are 15 standard configurations of the MP-1000 ranging from 24-48V and current ranges from 50-150A. Lead acid, sealed and gel traction batteries are compatible with the UL-approved MP-1000. The MP-1000 offers high-energy efficiency that reduces operating costs while the power module system eliminates costly downtime and increases productivity.


  • Soft start charge cycle
  • Voltage drop compensation
  • Protection against reverse polarity
  • High frequency switching technology
  • Charge cycle begins with batteries as low as two volts
  • Digital display for simple programming
  • USB Port allows programming and download of last 300 charge cycles
  • Power module system allows charging to continue even if a module stops working

The MP-1000 high-frequency forklift battery charger offers many user-friendly and cost-saving features when compared to conventional battery chargers. The charge cycle begins with batteries as low as 2 volts and offers safety features and protection against reverse polarity and voltage drop compensation. The charger will automatically disable in the event of high or abnormal voltage levels, and the reverse polarity protection prevents charging of an incorrect battery configuration. The unit has a digital display for simple programming and is equipped with a USB port to download charge cycle history. The power module system allows charging to continue even if a module stops working – eliminating any downtime. The unit operates at high efficiencies (>90%) which reduces energy consumption and associated costs. The unit is lightweight and can be directly mounted to the wall or floor mount options are available.

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