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Movu Robotics making easier automation for the world’s warehouse

No warehouse left behind!

The Movu Robotics portfolio provides low-entry, and scaleable warehouse automation solutions for growing businesses, enabling easy installation and adaptability to new business needs through simple integration and a minimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach.

To meet challenges such as labor shortages, the need to increase profitability, efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy, and shortening lead times, Movu offers a comprehensive and competitive portfolio of innovative sub-systems. The portfolio’s easier, scalable, flexible, and energy-efficient solutions are accessible for all kinds of warehouses and quick to roll out. Let’s take a closer look at the various sub-systems of the Movu Robotics product portfolio.

Technologies in the Movu Robotics product portfolio can be integrated into a single autonomous sub-system as a solution, with components including racking, shuttles or AMRs, software, wi-fi, and commissioning. This enables easy installation, adaptability to new business needs through simple integration of new applications, and a minimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach. This makes upgrading warehouses easier, not only for existing users of logistics automation who want to upgrade their systems with plug-and-play robotics and automation, but also those yet to adopt automation but who urgently want to take the first step.

Standardization and simplification, which is an essential part of Movu Robotics, results in shorter lead times and lower engineering costs, producing higher profitability. To maximize flexibility, Movu Robotics systems are modular in design, acting as a set of building blocks to minimize the complexity and cost of upgrading. This makes the systems highly scalable – installations can start small and then expand or, if needed, can downsize just as quickly. Modularity also enables a fast rollout for projects.

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