MonarchFx Releases a New Healthcare Video

It is the age of rapid delivery, and it does not stop at retail. The rise of eCommerce is affecting all industries, including the business of healthcare. According to Goldman Sachs, the healthcare industry is prepared to spend an estimated $32 billion on eCommerce and web services annually. That is five times more than the $6 billion online retailers currently spend annually on all forms of eCommerce and services.

Benjamin Patipa, MD., Vice President of Healthcare Strategy for MonarchFx, has just recorded a new video The Healthcare Logistics Solution. Patipa explains why the healthcare product supply business as we know it has changed forever, why sellers must switch to a single unified supply chain, and MonarchFx’s healthcare logistics solution.

Healthcare supply chain leaders are experiencing five main industry trends consolidation, cost reduction, distribution and supplier model changes, and data-driven decision making. In addition to the demand to increase profits, these leaders face pressure to rethink traditional distribution and supplier models.

The video explains the key feature to healthcare logistics. Healthcare logistics need to be 100% consumer centric providing convenience. Companies must ensure the customer can interact, engage, and buy any way, anytime, and anywhere they want, also providing immediate delivery.

About MonarchFx

MonarchFx is an alliance of leading logistics service providers, supply chain technology providers, and partners, managed by experienced executives, that provides world-class logistics and fulfillment solutions through an innovative logistics ecosystem.  It serves retailers, brands, and other sellers with multiple fulfillment channels, providing speed, quality, and efficiency, operating with distributed logistics centers for nationwide coverage, allowing for same-day delivery.  It is high-service, facilitated by advanced robotics, analytics, and artificial intelligence methods for inventory allocation.  For more information about MonarchFx visit:

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A supply chain consulting and implementation firm that maximizes supply chain performance and value creation. We enable clients to be more profitable and valuable, while also becoming more agile, flexible, and adaptive to the marketplace. Tompkins collaborates with client teams to develop improved operations strategies, supply chain planning, and execution across all the Mega Processes of supply chains (PLAN-BUY-MAKE-MOVE-DISTRIBUTE-SELL). Tompkins is headquartered in Raleigh, NC and has offices throughout North America and in Europe and Asia. For more information,

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