Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks introduces new Tier 4 Final diesel pneumatic tire lift trucks

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, manufacturer of reliable and affordable forklift trucks for hard-working applications, announced its new series of Tier 4 Final 22,000 -” 36,000 lb. capacity diesel pneumatic tire lift trucks. Equipped with a high-performance PerkinsE™ 1204 twin turbo 4.4L engine and robust drivetrain, this forklift offers outstanding performance, increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and a lower overall operating cost.

-We’re excited to introduce our new FD100N-FD160AN forklift series to the market,- said Elia Maftoum, product marketing manager at Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks. -This new forklift series boasts greater fuel efficiency and performance, making it a great product for cost-conscious customers working in very demanding material handling applications.-

The new FD100N -” FD160AN Mitsubishi forklift truck models are designed to work in a wide range of applications, such as lumber, pipe, concrete and steel, among others.

Key advantages include:

Increased fuel efficiency. The high-efficiency Tier 4 Final Perkins 1204 twin turbo engine offers a 13% increase in fuel efficiency over the previous generation without compromising performance.

Tier 4 final engine. These lift trucks use Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) modules designed to strip out hydrocarbons and reduce NOx levels during normal operation. This after treatment does not require cleaning or service, thus reducing downtime and allowing operators to work more efficiently without stopping.

Longer service intervals, Reduced Maintenance Time. The engine protection system monitors and analyses data from different sensors for a worry-free operation in harsh environments and tough applications. Operators are alerted if the engine oil pressure, coolant temperature or transmission fluid temperatures reach critical levels. The system will then automatically lower maximum RPM and slow travel and hydraulic speeds reducing the potential for component damage and costly repairs. Routine maintenance is simple and less time consuming due to the forklift’s easy-access engine cover and 500-hour extended service intervals.

Maximized operator comfort. In this series, the operator comfort is maximized with the cowl-mounted, three-way hydraulic control valves and full-suspension seat in addition to the elevated exhaust and rubber mounted components, which help reduce noise and vibration. Customers can also choose to equip the forklift with additional options such as a raised rubber floormat, climate-controlled operator cabin, highly-ergonomic armrest with integrated fingertip controls or other options based on their application’s specific needs.

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