Miracom introduces Post-Production Controls & Software Solutions to material handling and packaging sectors

Miracom Computer Corp., a supplier of post-press production controls and software to the newspaper industry, has expanded its solutions portfolio into two new sectors: packaging and material handling. Called PackWorx and MatWorx, respectively, the company’s software products are tailored to help small- and medium-sized companies optimize their packaging and material handling operations. The five-product suite of affordable solutions is designed to boost equipment speed and performance, optimize production scheduling, incorporate track & trace capabilities, implement in-line printing, and verify labeling accuracy and readability.

For Miracom, PackWorx and MatWorx represent a natural evolution. Founded in 1995, the company has deep roots in the efficiency-critical newspaper industry. For that highly deadline-oriented sector, Miracom provides tools to gather data on equipment efficiency and other crucial aspects of production, yielding opportunities to streamline operations and reduce avoidable slowdowns or other costly disruptions. The company’s modular, standalone solutions can be implemented separately or combined as one seamless system to improve productivity, reduce operating costs, monitor remote locations, and minimize human errors. 

The products comprising Miracom’s new PackWorx and MatWorx solutions are:

  • MiraBOOST: An integrated controls and software Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that provides internet-based remote monitoring, real-time reporting, and advanced data collection capabilities so companies can measure the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of specific machines, fully automated lines, or even multiple plants. Its benefits include machine synchronization, maintenance scheduling, line efficiency and lost downtime.
  • MiraPACKAGE: A cloud based MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) software system for planning, scheduling, and controlling production and inventory.
  • MiraTRACE: Track & trace software with serialization and unlimited levels of aggregation. MiraTRACE is a cloud-based software system that provides traceability, product integrity, anti-counterfeiting, and brand protection when paired with MiraJET or another inline printer, and MiraSCAN or other print verification equipment.
  • MiraSCAN: A label verification system that uses an inline camera with a printing device to verify that printed labels are accurate and readable. Designed to be plug-n-play compatible with Miracom’s MiraJet line of printers.
  • MiraJET: A thermal inkjet printer and control system for printing high-resolution labels, bar codes, QR codes, sequence numbers, batch/lot numbers, expiration dates, and other variable data directly onto coated and non-coated surfaces.

“Our expanded solutions for the packaging and material handling sectors draw upon decades of experience providing efficiency, accuracy, and verification software products in the newspaper sector, whose tight-window production schedules leave zero time for error,” said Judah Holstein, Miracom President and Founder. “Our planning, control, and integration solutions will prove to be an ideal fit in these additional sectors, where streamlining production, simplified scheduling and strict quality assurance are becoming increasingly important.”

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