Millwood, Inc. new Product Protector offers practical solution for pallet damage

Solutions providers need to have their finger on the pulse of their customers’ pain points. For many warehouse managers, that means a way to prevent their pallets and product from being destroyed when colliding with a fork truck.

Millwood, Inc. is offering relief in the form of our newest product, the Product Protector.
The Product Protector is a solid steel frame with a rubber bumper that attaches to a forklift. Instead of destroying a pallet when a fork truck moves too hard or fast, the Product Protector impacts the stringer before the deck boards are damaged by the fork tine heel.

-Steel against wood -” steel always wins,- said Ralph Rupert, manager – unit load technologies. -The Product Protector’s rubber bumpers even the field so wood wins, which means less deckboard damage, wood splinters and housekeeping -” everyone wins.-
The device is small, weighing only 37 pounds and measuring 16.25 inches wide. Don’t let the size fool you though; it can easily sustain a 30,000 pound impact without failure. The zinc coating on the solid steel prevents corrosion, ensuring that the device is both economically and fiscally sustainable.

-The Product Protector makes pallet lead board damage a thing of the past. Reduced pallet damage means reduced product damage. There is nothing on the market better today,- said David Haubert, regional sales manager -” Midwest region.

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