Menasha Corporation publishes annual 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility report

A new report from ORBIS Corporation’s parent company highlights social and environmental actions

Menasha Corporation, ORBIS Corporation’s parent company, has released its 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, an annual publication highlighting the company’s environmental, social, and governance performance during the calendar year 2021 and the first half of 2022. Highlights include the company’s environmental activities that support a circular economy, its equity, inclusion, and diversity actions, and updates on new products and new facilities.

This report also highlights ORBIS’ recent 2022 Inbound Logistics Green Supply Chain Partner award. The G75 awards recognize companies that “go above and beyond to ensure that their supply chains are sustainable, and their operations are socially and environmentally friendly.” The G75 recognition is one of many earned by ORBIS for its wide range of reusable packaging for use along the supply chain and multiple service offerings that help customers reduce and measure their overall environmental impact.

To learn more about this award and other environmental stewardship and social responsibility efforts from Menasha and ORBIS, please view the full report here:

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