Martins Industries puts traditional tire inflation methods to the test with “The Inflation Challenge”

MARTINS, a tire equipment manufacturer, is putting truck mechanics who rely on traditional tire seating & inflation methods to the test with “The Inflation Challenge.” The challenge features a seasoned mechanic with years of industry experience going head-to-head with a novice using Martins Inflation Pit Stop to seat & inflate tires in a race against the clock. Martins Industries is kicking off “The Inflation Challenge” using a video ad that will be shared across various social media platforms, in email marketing campaigns and printed inserts in magazines. The video challenge is meant to highlight the many benefits of using the Tire Inflation Pit Stop, which include:

– Faster Seating / inflation time: The Inflation Pit Stop requires only 56 seconds of handling time vs. the 116 seconds required by traditional methods, resulting in 100% faster inflation.

– Improved ergonomics: The average truck tire / wheel assembly weighs 220 lbs, a weight which can put industry workers at risk of strain and injury. The Inflation Pit Stop was ergonomically designed to reduce the physical strain placed on technicians.

– Reduced handling: With only four simple steps, and minimal physical exertion required, the Inflation Pit Stop reduces the effort typically required to seat & inflate a tire.

– Automated inflation: Allowing technicians to perform other tasks while the Inflation Pit Stop automatically inflates the tire to the accurate pressure.

The Inflation Pit Stop not only increases the efficiency of tire inflation operations but can also improve working conditions for tire inflation technicians and reduce their risk of physical injury. Being able to provide a safe and productive working environment makes recruiting and retaining employees easier, and can help you cultivate positive, productive, and loyal employees for life. With the “Inflation Challenge,” tire inflation technicians are invited to put their methods to the test and experience the benefits of this highly innovative tool first-hand.

About Martins Industries: Martins Industries designs and manufactures tire equipment to store, handle, inflate and display tires and wheels. They have distribution centers in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and U.A.E., as well as manufacturing facilities in Canada and China. For more information contact Isabelle Quintin at or by phone at 450-293-9000 Ext. 246.

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